Rotary Club of Lake Placid—Trivia Night Fundraiser
Event lasts about 2 hours, starting promptly at 7:00.  We have 10 rounds of 10 questions each on a variety of topics typically including, but not limited to, history, the arts, sports, geography, science, literature, entertainment, politics and local knowledge.  Many of the questions get at basic general knowledge; some are more esoteric.  Because answering the questions is a team effort, individuals need not feel pressure. 
Teams generally have 8 members; occasionally smaller teams join us.  Cost is $20 per person.  We encourage pre-registration, and it is most helpful to us when the captain pays the full amount and collects from the team members.  In addition, teams have the option of buying mulligans which give free credit (maximum one per round) for the answer they feel most unsure of.   Mulligans are $5 each and $20 for 5.  Most teams buy10 mulligans (they are for a good cause) which then makes the per person cost $25.
It is also fine for individuals to come without a team and we help them find a team.
Our goal is for people to have fun while we raise money for worthy, educational causes.  Our proceeds go to Literacy Volunteers of Essex and Franklin counties,  the Educational Opportunity Fund which supports special projects of the LP School District, LPES summer book program  and other literacy project as they are brought to our attention.
Sean Donovan, our emcee, has a quick wit and great sense of humor that has the room laughing much of the time.  We have prizes for the teams that come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and separately, The Bookstore Plus offers a prize for the team representing a book club that earns the best score, not to mention many door prizes.  We also have a revolving trophy on which the winning team’s name is engraved and which that team is allowed to keep until the next event.
Specific details
Questions are both read aloud and displayed on a screen at the front of the room.
One person on each team records answers for the team on the answer sheet.  We urge teams to select a scribe with good penmanship—answers must be printed clearly.  The team name goes on top of each page. 
At the end of each round, questions are shown in a list on the screen and teams have a minute to review answers and choose where to place a mulligan.
Snacks ae provided.  There is a cash bar.
There is a 15 minute break after 5 rounds
Scoring—judges decisions are final.