The Ecumenical Food Pantry is located in a space which is difficult for the loading / unloading of food and supplies.  The Thrift Shop is in a cramped area which doesn't provide a good experience when shopping there.  There's always a need for some folks to be able to obtain used furniture at no or minimal cost.  Mayor Devlin has an ideal to utilize space on the grounds of the Shipman Youth Center to have a building which would house the Pantry, the Thrift Store and have a furniture "depot."  Mayor Devlin has already scoped out the design for a building which would have easy access, good parking and have a welcoming atmosphere.  It's all conceptual now and the cost has to be dealt with (in light of increased expenses everywhere).  Our club was very interested in what Mayor Devlin had to say as he mentioned what possible sources of funding could be obtained.  This is a great, forward-thinking idea and our club looks forward to helping bring this to a reality for the betterment of our community.