Under the guidance of Rotarian Bob Hanna at our July assembly we reviewed Rotary's evolving Attendance Requirement which is now called Participation. Our Club has been a key contributor to this change. So Congratulations to ALL.  The following is a summary of the July Discussion
Participation vs Attendance
RI has attendance rules which are aimed at keeping members involved and participating. These rules have been softened in the 100 plus years since RI started and the emphasis is now more on Participation, recognizing that Attendance keeps us involved and knowledgeable of Rotary programs.
The Lake Placid Rotary Club has the following Participation Policy.  
  Rotary Members are free to determine their own method of Satisfactory Participation, recognizing that the (minimum) goal is 50% (26 PC’s/year) We firmly believe that a self-regulated service level is the key to satisfactory membership.
Participation Credits are given for:
  • Attendance at any Rotary Meeting.
  •  Participation in any Rotary Board approved Project, Committee meeting, or Rotary Function, ie   Monthly Social, Highway Pick-Up, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Trivia Night, Community Service project, The Dam Duck Race, etc.
  •  Representing the Rotary Club at a Community organization’s meeting to report on a Rotary project or to find a way for the club to participate in a community project.
  • Visit another Club, District or Country to work on an approved Rotary project
  • Rotarians who regularly prepare Rotary reports such as the Club Secretary, e-Secretary, Treasurer.
  • Individual Tasks as assigned or to organize events.
  • Rotarians who attend a District or RI Meeting out of town receive 3 P/C’s.
2015-16 Results:
•         Club at  63% Attendance
•         Club at 105 % Participation
•         59 % of Members over 90% Participation
•         95 % of Members met or exceed Goal of 50%
Committee Chairs are encouraged to tell the Secretary about Participation Credits. Individual members can view their Participation Record in the Member Area of our web site.
If you have any questions please contact either Bob Hanna or Gene Gengel.