Don Woodlief led a group of hardy Rotarians in the first stage of building a shed at the Shipman Youth Center on Sat., June 9th.

Don Woodlief organized a work detail including Al Walden, Bob Hanna, Randy Quayle, and Hal Lennon on Sat., June 9th to begin building a new shed at the Shipman Youth Center.  With the guidance and expertise of SYC Board member, John Cranley and sawing skills of Marty Perkins, the group completed the platform for stage one of the construction of the shed.  After a long, hot day working on the shed, workers retired to Bullwinkles to replenish fluids lost during the exercise.

Don is asking any available volunteers to join him next Friday, June 15th at 8AM to continue working on the building of the shed.  Please call Don at 523-3534 to let him know if you are available to help.