Ben Kernan was LP Rotary's correspondent at the Adaptive Hockey finals at the Empire State Winter Games.  Continue reading to see Ben's report.
The finals hockey of the hockey tournament at the 1980 rink between Troy’s Vermont Pioneers and the Buffalo Aqua was spectacular; as exciting at the end as the famous USA  vs Russia game which I was at.
The Pioneers were down 1 - 0  in the final period and like the Russians before them were swarming all around the Buffalo net taking shot after shot that would just miss and in two cases bounced off one of the nets poles. Hope was fading.
Then with only 1 1/2 minutes left, success. Goal!  Then a 5 minute sudden death overtime and they score the winning goal; players sled madly down to where the goal was scored and pile around together in joy. Woh! Was it great.