A return visit from Lori Fitzgerald this morning.  If we had to list all the things Lori is involved with, we would run out of space on this website.  Club members were keenly interested in Lori's updates as to expectations for the 2023 World University Games, happening in not to many weeks here in Lake Placid.  Covered were expectations as to crowd size (athletes, support staff, onlookers), housing for athletes and visitors alike as well as demands on the town and village infrastructure.  Needless to say, the large numbers of people who will be descending on our little town will create certain conditions that we'll have to deal with - such as road closures (especially Main Street), limited parking and so on.  Lori also talked about projects the Development Commission and the Arts Alliance are dealing with and various issues that are faced in terms of project funding or the need to engage certain professional expertise to deal with community issues (housing, transportation and what Lori called "over tourism."  Another interesting talk but as Rotarians, we know we'll be called upon to assist wherever we can and we'll step up to the plate.