LP Rotarian Gene Gengel announced that this is the time of year that our club has designated as the Rotary Foundation Recognition Period.  
Post Office Box 1425
 Lake Placid, New York 12946
January 21, 2016
Dear Lake Placid Rotarian:
This is the time of year that our Club has designated as The Rotary Foundation Recognition Period.  During this time, early in the first quarter of the year, we make an effort to have 100% of our members represented as Sustaining Members, that is,  each member is requested to donate $100.00 to The  Rotary Foundation (TRF).  The amount will go toward your Paul Harris Fellowship and will help untold thousands of people around the world make a better life for themselves.
Our goal this year is to collect a total of $8,700 for our Club’s donation and you, by donating $100.00 , will help make that possible.  Last year we had 40 members each give $100.00 or more to raise about $8,700.  Our goal remains the same even though we have fewer members this year.  That is why your continued support is so important.  So please, consider donating $100.00 to become a Sustaining member of Rotary and at the same time become a candidate for a Paul Harris Fellowship.
And, if $100 is not in your budget for this year, please give something.  Any amount will help us in our quest to assist mothers and children in countries where there are no water or sewage facilities , where health care is nearly non-existent and contagious diseases abound.
There are several ways to donate.  One way is through “Rotary Direct” which allows you to spread your payments across the year, either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.  You can send in your payment to The Rotary Foundation, or you may present a check directly to me and I will send it together with other checks I receive on a weekly basis.
One additional benefit of donating to The Rotary Foundation:  Your contribution is tax deductible.
Very truly yours,
Gene  J. Gengel
Gene J. Gengel
Foundation Chair