Local author TJ Brearton ( http://tjbrearton.net ) was guest at our Thursday evening "social" meeting, holding forth with his story of what it takes to be an author in today's mix of hard copy books and digital media.  Tim spoke of his fondness for the Adirondacks and how he comes by his muse to develop story lines where the boundaries of right and work are blurred and characters carry with them serious flaws.   Tim has written over 20 books including eight novels set in the North Country.  A story not set in the Adirondacks is Into Darkness, focusing on FBI Special Agent Shannon Ames who must capture a serial killer who targets reporters.  This is a mystery involving deception at almost every turn, calling for intuition and out of the box approaches to apprehend the murderer.  Tim spoke to us about the journey to publication - a journey involving literary agents, publishing executives, book retailers - a whole litany of people who work to get a book into your hands (or in the case of audio books0, your ears.  It was a very interesting hour with a lot of questions from those who joined our session.