The Rotary Club of Lake Placid, NY along with our partners are excited to share a much-needed community service opportunity.   As you know, COVID-19 has created difficult economic circumstances for many in our area.  The Lake Placid Ecumenical Food Pantry has been the main food source for many families in the area during the pandemic.
The Food Drives began in May 2020.  Thanks to your generosity the drives have collected enough food and monetary donations for ~12,390 meals.  That’s enough to feed a family of four, three meals a day for over 3 years thanks to you!
Thanks to the generosity of the community during past year the Lake Placid Ecumenical Food pantry has a solid supply of food for those in need.  Summer is approaching, though, and our community will grow with seasonal workers. 
So please join the Rotary Club of Lake Placid for one more food drive as the summer begins – to help top off the food pantry.
Saturday, June 12, 2021: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Location: St. Agnes Church parking lot, Hillcrest Ave in Lake Placid
Theme: Here comes the sun!
Special call for ice cream sandwiches, suntan lotion, visors and baseball-like hats.
By working together, we have supported many, many families during the recent economic and health crises.  
For more information about items that the food bank would welcome, please click here:   We look forward to seeing you later this month and in the fall as we restart periodic food drives.  We thank you for your generosity. 
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