THANK YOU for Supporting the

Dam Duck Race

Your generosity makes all this possible.

Proceeds from this event have benefited

the following organizations...

Adirondack Community Youth Group

Lake Placid Elementary School Playground

Mercy Care for the Adirondacks

United Way of the Adirondacks

Together we Can Change the World

Ecumenical Charity Fund

Lake Placid Beautification Fund

North Elba Christmas Fund

Shipman Youth Center

Lake Placid Volunteer Ambulance Service

High Peaks Hospice

Lake Placid After School Prom

Red Cross

Northern Forest Explorers

Songs on Mirror

Homeward Bound Adirondacks

Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Literacy Volunteers

Projects over the Years.....

Local Park Rehab Project

Train in Jewtraw Park

Bike Racks on Main Street